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Trauma-responsive care webinar: Rebuilding trust after trauma

When a child experiences trauma and loss in their life their foundation of trust is damaged. Feeling safe and secure in our homes and schools is a basic human need. When children can't trust that their caregivers will provide for them, support them emotionally, and keep them safe their mental health begins to suffer. A lack of trust keeps the child from being able to connect with new caregivers, no matter how kind and loving we are. This rejection of you is a natural protective defense all humans possess when we feel threatened.

In this webinar I will help you get inside the mind and hearts of children who have experienced trauma, and you will learn practical skills for rebuilding trust in order to begin the healing process at home or in the community.

Contact me for a recording of this webinar.

Understanding childhood trauma and ambiguous Loss


Childhood trauma and ambiguous loss wreak havoc on foster, kinship, and adoptive families. The children are grieving the loss of relationship with their birth first families and the caregivers are often struggling to know how to help the children. Under this level of stress the family can quickly begin to feel chaotic and out of control. 

In this training hosted by myself and sponsored by Operation Parent, we take a deep dive into understanding what childhood trauma is and how it changes our nervous system. I also introduce the framework of Ambiguous Loss, a theory developed by Dr. Pauline Boss, and how it impacts children separated from their biological parents.


Contact me for a recording of this webinar. 


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Mother and Daughter

If you would like to continue learning how to improve the emotional well-being of the children you love, join us in my Facebook group, It is a virtual classroom and support group for building emotional health in our homes and communities.

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