Emotional Release Coloring Activity

  • Listen to me read my book, A Grandfamily for Sullivan, on my homepage.

  • Print the coloring page (attached) and write your feelings, or ask your child to write their feelings, on the cloud in the illustration. 

  • After coloring the page, take a moment to imagine that your feelings are floating on a cloud in the sky (you could go outside and look at the sky, weather permitting).

  • Visualize the cloud with your feelings hanging over you for a moment, notice where you feel the emotions in your body, and then watch as the cloud floats out of your perception.

It helps to remember that feelings come and go, and although they can be very uncomfortable, they are a typical human experience to stress.  Allowing your emotions to resonate in your body instead of avoiding/distracting can help the feeling pass quickly. With children, validating their emotions and being present with their behavior in an accepting way can help their feelings pass.


I hope this exercise brings you some peace during this time of uncertainty. I look forward to continuing to learn about you and your family as we explore the world of mental health together.  

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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