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Podcast: Ambiguous Loss with Stable Moments Founder Rebecca Britt

To listen to the full Podcast, click HERE.

In today's episode of the Stable Moments podcast, host Rebecca Britt and I share an intimate conversation about "ambiguous loss," which is a loss without clear boundaries, and how it impacts families. We also have an eye-opening conversation about the role grief plays in healing from trauma, and the reasons why we often skip over this critical experience. We even dive into the importance of creating a historical narrative of a child's life with lifebooks, and how it can aid the healing process.

One of my favorite lifebooks for foster families is, Love You From Right Here, by Jamie Sandefer. You can find a link to it HERE.

Rebecca Britt, founder of Stable Moments, is improving the lives of foster and adopted children through equine-assisted learning and community mentorship focused on healing after trauma and loss. Please visit her website to see how her equine programs can help the children you care for through adversity.

To learn practical skills for emotional development within your family, please join my Facebook group, Emotiminds. Think of it as your virtual classroom for families and professionals caring for children impacted by adverse childhood experiences (ACES). You can also subscribe to my blog to receive updates on the latest in trauma-responsive practices at

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