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New Resources for Grandfamilies and Kinship Care

We all need help when we are going through a difficult time. It's best to be preventative instead of reactive when you find yourself unexpectedly raising a family member's child - which we refer to as a "grandfamily". If you are a new to kinship care or have just received custody of a relatives child, please explore the websites below for more information on how you can find support for this overwhelming experience.

You may be saddened by the changes in your life, and grieving the retirement life you wanted to experience. Reaching out to the below networks to educate yourself, find support groups and resources for grandfamilies can help prepare you for the challenges ahead, and allow you to cope in times of need. You are not alone. You can do this!

National Resources:



3. - Annie E. Casey Foundation

4. - Kinship Therapist and Author of A Grandfamily for Sullivan

5. - Dr. John DeGarmo, Foster Care Educator Foster and Kinship Care Expert - Dr. Bruce Perry's website for childhood trauma

If you live in Pennsylvania:

1. Kinship Navigator:


3. (you can find them on facebook too)


If you live in NJ:


2. - provides therapy for kinship families and accepts insurance - Kinship Navigator Program

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Donating=Advocating for Children

I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars writing my blog (ad free) and advocating for children's mental health. I also donate my children's book, A Grandfamily to Sullivan, to grandfamilies and non-profit organizations without receiving funding. In order to continue to do this work I need your support. Please consider donating to me to keep my mission alive! No amount is too small. I am so grateful for all of you who inspire me and encourage me to keep fighting for children's mental health every day! 

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