A Grandfamily for Sullivan Book

Meet Sullivan

Sullivan is an orphaned koala who is facing BIG emotions when his life suddenly turns upside down! He goes to live with Grandma when his parents are unable to keep him safe. Together they struggle to navigate a new life... Until they meet a wise friend at the park, who helps them shift their cloudy day to clear skies.


A Grandfamily for Sullivan is a touching story about a child's experience as he travels through the grief and trauma of being separated from his parents and building a new life. It is a realistic, yet hopeful story about the power of courage and unconditional love.


Sullivan and Grandma give a voice to the 2.8 million (and counting) Grandfamilies in the U.S. who are struggling to find peace within their heart after the devasting loss of a parent due to drug addiction, incarceration, disabilities, or untreated mental health problems. 


Help a grieving child cope today. Get your copy of A Grandfamily for Sullivan HERE.

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