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Childhood trauma training & education

Customized experiential training for your organization

Break the cycle of intergenerational trauma by learning what it is and how to stop it.

Group Calls


Becoming trauma-informed and healing-focused is far more than a set of skills, it is a paradigm shift that will change the way you understand the people in your life, and perhaps, even how you see yourself. 

Using my professional experience as a trauma therapist, and 10+ years of research on childhood trauma, you will learn how to begin and sustain the healing process for vulnerable children.

Come learn with me and change a child's life.

In a typical workshop we will cover:

Playing on the Beach

An introduction to childhood trauma

Child at Psychologist

How trauma impacts the developing brain

Girl Coloring

Symptoms and behaviors of emotional trauma

Child Studying

Identifying and managing trauma triggers

Woman and child

Attachment-focused care for children with trauma

Standing Toddler

Co-regulation and trust-building skills

Caring Child

How to prevent re-traumatization of children


Other training topics available

Intergenerational trauma

Vicarious trauma

Ambiguous loss

Traumatic and complex grief 

Grandparents raising grandchildren

Grief conscious work places and classrooms

Attachment-focused classrooms

Trauma-informed parenting

Improving children's mental health

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