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Donating=Advocating for children

Because of generous contributors, I've been able to advise and support early-stage non-profit organizations that are doing important work with our most vulnerable children. Additionally, I've been able to create ad-free content like my blog in an effort to ensure everyone who is seeking help or information is provided with a strong foundation of understanding. 
I've also had the sheer good fortune to use this funding for children's mental health advocacy to influence policy and create much-needed change.

In an effort to reach every child experiencing trauma and loss, I've made my children's book, A Grandfamily to Sullivan, freely available to grandfamilies and non-profit organizations. 
In order to continue my life-changing mission, I rely on people like you. Please consider a donation (small or large) that allows me to reduce the financial barriers to healing trauma and creating peace. Thank you for your support. I'm truly grateful for my network and work hard every day to ensure every vulnerable child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.