"I've sat through a lot of trainings during this COVID crisis and Beth's was the best!!"

- Molly Wallace, M.ED

Therapeutic Director



Beth Tyson, MA, is a psychotherapist, childhood grief and trauma expert, and a children's book author who lives in Media, PA.


She earned several years of experience as a clinician working with children and families and as a teaching assistant in the graduate program for counseling psychology at Eastern University.

While practicing as a trauma therapist within the child welfare system, Beth earned her certificate in adoption from Rutgers University. Beth is a CASA volunteer and a Voices for Children Coalition partner, advocating for youth in the foster care system in Delaware County, PA.

Beth uses her expertise in childhood trauma to help families and organizations operate from a trauma-sensitive and healing-centered approach. She helps her clients understand the biological impact of trauma on the brain and autonomic nervous system.


Beth is a mental health educator for families and organizations. She uses trauma-responsive models to implement the skills necessary for the emotional well-being of children impacted by trauma and other adverse childhood experiences (ACES). She provides educational training to schools, workplaces, non-profit organizations, caregivers/families, among others. 


In the last year, Beth was featured on InStyle.com, PsychReg.org, PsychCentral.com, The United Ways of CA, RVN TV, BYU Radio, and many other media outlets advocating for foster and kinship families impacted by trauma and loss. 

Recently, Beth has taken on the role of director for the new trauma counseling clinic for Grands Stepping Up. This non-profit organization serves grandparents and great grandparents who are raising their grandchildren due to parental addiction, incarceration, or other traumatic reasons in Delaware County, PA. 

Beth's tender-hearted children's book, A Grandfamily for Sullivan, is about a koala who is suddenly raised by his grandma when his parents are unable to keep him safe. Her book is a tool for parents and professionals to help children cope with BIG emotions after trauma and adversity. 

Last, but certainly not least, Beth is the mother of a courageous little girl who loves to lay in the grass with her and pick out shapes in the clouds.

Please contact Beth below to schedule an educational event or parent coaching.

"A Child who can show you his rage does not think you are an easy target, he thinks you are someone who won't abandon him." - Beth Tyson

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