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Childhood Trauma Consultant, Trainer,

Best-selling Author, and Public Speaker


Learn practical skills to heal and prevent childhood trauma

Approximate 2/3 of children will experience a traumatic event by their 16th birthday. That's a heavy reality, but there is help available. Using my background as a trauma therapist, I educate adults about childhood trauma and how to help children recover from adversity and toxic stress. 


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We all want children to have optimal mental health, but most people just don't know what to do, and that's totally normal.


Unless you are a trained psychotherapist, like myself, most people are not taught how to help children through hard times.


On top of that, psychological trauma is complex, and requires adults to build relationships with children in untraditional and sometimes unexpected ways.


BTTC provides educational online or in-person workshops, public speaking, and consulting on trauma-responsive and healing-focused care.


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Training. Speaking. Implementation.


My trauma-informed and responsive workshops will teach the skills you need to break the cycle of trauma and help children recover after adversity and loss. 


My goal is to make knowledge about trauma accessible and empowering for everyone. How am I going to do this? By putting information and effective skills in the hands of the people who truly want to make a difference. PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

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I am many things, but most importantly I am a human being experiencing the full range of human emotions in a world that doesn't quite understand or accept them yet.

About me

As a child I silently struggled with anxiety, phobias, and panic not knowing what it was or what to do. Through my experience and the knowledge I gained as a psychotherapist, it became my mission to teach adults how to help children cope with childhood adversity and improve their mental health.

Above all else I am a mom. A mom who makes mistakes, sometimes yells, and is always more anxious than is necessary. I go to therapy, attend workshops, and  engage in self-care  just like I recommend to others. I am constantly growing and adapting from a deep desire to pass on tools that increase children's wellbeing for generations to come. 

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All the mental health treatment in the world won't be enough for a child who returns to a school or home with adults who don't understand trauma.


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Shy Child

"Beth Tyson has an abundance of direct hands-on professional knowledge and is a wonderful resource for kinship families. Her genuine caring and trauma-sensitive approach was evident during her presentation. Beth Tyson demonstrates compassion for families affected by trauma."

Bianca Ruslander, LMSW; Kinship Navigator program manager
Studious Child

"I've sat through a lot of trainings during the COVID crisis and Beth's was the best!!"

Molly Wallace - MED therapeutic director
Mother and a Child

"It was an immense pleasure to have Beth Tyson join me for an episode of my radio show, Parenting 411. Beth was just the expert I needed. She has a gift for sharing sound, research-based concepts in a manner that makes them easy to grasp and put into practice immediately. Her calm, easy-going style made a difficult topic accessible for parents and families at a very critical moment."

Carol Muleta, parenting expert, 5x best-selling author
Beth Tyson

Psychotherapist, childhood trauma consultant, mental health journalist, and author. 

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